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The easy way to compare affordable life insurance quotes - We'll take care of it!

Life insurance is one of the most considerate purchases you'll ever make. It’s about making sure that your family and loved ones are well looked after should the unthinkable happen.

Taking out a life insurance policy could ensure that your families future is financially secure, leaving a lump sum of money in the event you pass away – they could pay off the mortgage on your family home and cover general expenses such as monthly bills, food and clothes, your children could get through their education, even go to university, or you could simply get a plan to cover your funeral expenses if you’re not around to help with the cost of it all.

The priceless peace of mind it provides means that you can get on and enjoy life without the worry, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either! Life insurance can start from as little as £5 per month.

There are different types of life cover to suit all manner of people, whether you need cover as a couple or just for yourself, if you want it simply to cover the outstanding balance on your mortgage or loans, or you’d like a lump sum paid out if the worst happened that you know won’t change over the duration of your cover. You could even cover the cost of your funeral or leave legacy payments to your family, partner, spouse, children or grandchildren.

We make it easy to compare life insurance plans and will help you through the process from beginning to end, finding the right type of life cover for you, whether you want to check out your options online, or speak to a friendly expert over the telephone. We are often more competitively priced than arranging through direct insurer websites, through your financial or mortgage adviser – or your bank!

Who should think about getting a life insurance policy?

According to L&G, just 31% of workers have life insurance in place. Those with loans, mortgages and financial dependents should consider getting a policy in place.

Although it’s common to look at putting a policy in place after a major life event (having a baby, moving house), it might be a good idea to get something in place whilst you’re young, fit and healthy - as the premiums can rise as you get older.

Don’t forget, if you’re a home owner, your policy isn’t necessarily tied to your mortgage, so it may be still worth comparing your options to see if you can save money on your existing policy!


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If you think you’re over-paying…

We understand your personal circumstances change over time, and with some adjustments to your policy, like the term length, the sum assured/benefit amount, your current smoker status etc. we could save you money on your monthly premiums!

Our friendly experts will be more than happy to check your current policy for you and that it meets your needs of today.

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